About Dawna Boot

Dawna Boot Makeup is a finely curated team of artistic individuals who’s collective passion lies in making you feel like your most stunning self.

Dawna has always had a passion for makeup. She received her first lipstick at the tender age of three, and that tiny mint green tube set a precedent for what would become a lifelong passion. From scouring through her mother’s makeup bag, to getting phone calls home from the principal several years later (“Dawna is wearing makeup to school!”-OH NO!), art has always been a creative outlet for her, and makeup is her medium. Dawna graduated with honours from the Cosmetic Techniques and Management Program at Sheridan College and went on to work with several prestigious cosmetic brands, TV stations and esteemed artists, before launching her own business and setting her sights on the world of beauty and bridal.

From Dawna

Photo Credit: Tamara Lockwood Photography

From the moment you sit in our chair we want to know who YOU are and what makes you feel truly beautiful. Together, we create a look that leaves you feeling  and looking confident and flawless, but most importantly like yourself.

It’s important for me to get to know you, our client, so I can personally pair you with an artist that’s uniquely perfect for you, for your wedding day or special event. I take into account your personality and what kind of look you’re after, and whose expertise and charisma would harmonize with yours. Due to this personal pairing, your experience is taken to the next level and it’s not uncommon to be told afterward that the client feels they’ve spent their time with an old friend.

We at Dawna Boot Makeup strive to make you not only look but feel your most beautiful. We value the importance of how looking your best makes you feel your very best, and how the right makeup applied with care and precision by an artist who is truly there for you, can leave you feeling beautiful in more ways than one.  We make it our mission to go above and beyond to provide an incredible and unforgettable experience for you, and we can’t wait to be there for you on your special day.

The Team

Talented and compassionate artists who are looking forward to working with you on your special day.


A University of Toronto alumna, Jessica has been providing management, customer relations and financial services to family run businesses for over a decade.  She is excited to partner with her sister-in-law Dawna and her talented team of beauty experts to help ensure you look and feel glamorous for that special occasion. Inspired by her time as an event coordinator where she helped execute many happily ever afters, Jessica is thrilled to be working within the wedding industry again.

Jessica’s creative focus at Dawna Boot Makeup is managing the daily aspects of operation and client experience for the company.